With more than 250 years of turbulent history, Adib House is the second phase of the House of a Murshid which is run together with the first phase through an integrated system. This magnificent building is one of the historic houses in Kashan, which was renovated and repurposed into a traditional residential space. Just Like other historical houses in Kashan, this house was gradually going to rack and ruin, but thanks to the hopes in Iran's tourism industry, its destiny changed and now it has been turned into a magnificent boutique hotel. Thanks to its friendly space, experienced staff and unparalleled facilities, it is not an exaggeration to say that this house is rare and perhaps unique in its kind.

The rooms are decorated like Iranian aristocratic houses. In each corner, an exquisite handmade carpet can be seen. All rooms have a toilet seat and a bathroom. The suites also have a kitchenette. Kashan sightseeing tours, high-speed internet, traditional cafes, restaurants, libraries and conference halls, proximity to the center of Kashan and other historical buildings of the city are all prominent features of this house. You can experience the genuine Iranian hospitality in this house.

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Discount up to 25% for reservations in Adib Hotel from late November to March 5